About Us

Hamayan which means in Hebrew, the Well(spring) and pronounced “Ha’ma’ayan”, came into existence in the summer  of 2000 and was started by local Melbourne Rabbi, Aryeh Goldman. Together with some chevre who wanted a really good place to pray on Shabbat, they began to embark on a journey trying to achieve an ideal unique minyan. The journey to date has involved many many people, their many hours of help and so much good will from the wider community. We have farewelled many members who are now living in Israel and continue to be in touch with them which generates a strong connection between the Israeli community and the Melbourne community. Also through our consistent hosting of many Jewish singers and musicians both locally and internationally, Hamayan continues to be a unique place in Melbourne which is inclusive and has something to offer for the wider Jewish community.

Over the years we have moved from a small room in Glen Eira Road (with the generous help of the Kollel Beit Hatalmud) to a house on Orrong Road (with the generous help of Mr Adler), to the Carp Centre at the back of Caulfield Shule and finally to our current home at 47 Kooyong Road. We are extremely appreciative of the generous donations from the local and wider community that has ensured our survival and allowed us to grow each year. Thank G-D the current facility is now used regularly for weekday prayers and daily learning and many functions. Of course the highlight of the week at Hamayan continues to be the special shabbat davening inspired by the late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach Z”T”L and we have been privilleged to have hosted many of his closest students who have been impressed by our wide range of tunes that we incorporate not only from Reb Shlomo but also from the dynasties of Chabad, Breslov, Modhitz and other chassidic and traditional sources.

Since Rosh Hashana 5766 we have been blessed with our Rabbi and Rebbetzin Mordechai and Ruth Szmerling and family coming into our community. The tireless efforts of the Rabbi and Rebbetzin over the years have contributed greatly to our community. The weekly sermons, shiurim, paticipation in functions, shabbat and festival meals and informal discussions both in person and on the phone continue to inspire us. May the Szmerlings be blessed to continue their fine work and continue to lead our community into the future besimcha.

We have many functions that run through the year both at the shule and at people’s homes. These include: Melave Malka’s with the community and also hosting many international guests, festival functions, all night Shavuot learning, Tisha B’Av service, Midnight slichot service, Simchat Beit Hashoeva, Simchat Torah Dinners, Chanuka Parties, regular Rosh Chodesh musical hallels, yom Haatzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim celebrations and much much more.

Our community come from many different backgrounds and range in age from a few days old to elderly members into their 80s. Some have years of experience in yeshivot and seminaries while others are trying to pray for the very first time. Some members are from Israel and other countries while others have lived in Melbourne all their lives. Some are going deeper into their Jewish life while others are converting and discovering a whole new world. We have proud Chassidim from the wide range of streams and we have proud Misnagdim and we acknowledge that ultimately we all just want a meaningful place to connect to HasHem. It is through this harmony of inclusivity and diversity that people continue to be inspired and enjoy participating in the services and functions.

Our hope is that by acknowledging the huge range of inspiration in the Torah and wider sources, we will all learn and grow together and be humbled by this awesome world that HasHem has created and help bring it to Tikkun and with joy and new and old song welcome the coming of Mashiach, May He Come NOW ! Amen!