What’s on at Hamayan:  


SHAVUOT PROGRAMME  –  Hamyan Mincha is at 5.05pm.. tue night.. Formal programme:  more details below.


From 11pm: “Parallel Learning” group  With Rav Pesach Steinberg

OTHER: Parallel Learning: The RamChaL & The Kuzari. Times TBA,

The formal topics start 9.15pm (sharp) see Poster Above, more about the Topics & the speakers:

9.15pm “The Eternal Lessons of Shavuot” by Rabbi Ryan Levin: Young dynamic and wonderful to listen to in his depth of Torah Knowledge and the clarity of how he gives it over.. if you’ve heard him before you’ll be there we know.. if you haven’t … don’t miss this opportunity!

10pm “The Secret to Jewish Resilience” by Dr Miriam Grossbaum with 35 years experience in teaching and psychology, is an expert in her field and highly engaging.

10.45pm “The 7 & 10 Commandments (7 laws of Noah to the 10 Commandments) Brought from the Famous MaHaraL of Prague (creator of the Golem),by Rabbi Mordechai Szmerling (Rabbi Szmerling needs no introduction at Hamayan, but if you haven’t heard Rabbi’s incredible breadth & depth of knowledge.)

11.30pm “Do you always have to listen to your Parents?” by Rabbi Michoel Stern: Speaking here on respect of parents, but what about abusive or wicked parents, or if parents need to go into aged care but refuse… This and other contemporary issues. Rabbi Stern is known for his in-depth research and knowledge and as Rabbi of the Emmy Monash Home, will be speaking from experience.

12.15am Stay and Learn for 5 more minutes: “OPEN PODIUM SESSION”  We already have a number of prepared talks from a cross section of our kehilla, on a wide range of topics. Speakers include Dr Jocelyn Lowinger, Tam Adler and more.. etc….One Topic is “Does Heaven Make Mistakes? “




FUND RAISING CAMPAIGN:   Take down the wall’s  – Open up the inside of the shule –  Target: $40,000.


Hamayan has minyanim morning and night, we could always do with a few more at the weekday minyaim.. if you’re local, pop down and daven with us.  We have a whatsapp group for these minyanim, contact us to get on the group.

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